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The Project


In the era of technology, there is an uprise and constant demand for the data collected from our personal devices. With our regular use of our current technologies, thousands of companies are gathering our social and personal data to use as tool and strategies to influence our daily lives. The reality is: all of our digital lives are stored and combined somewhere out there, in an alternative world.

Anima meaning Soul, is a temporary lighting installation that represents this digital world containing our digital souls. 

Through the fiber optic lights, each soul is highlighted individually, connecting one person to his or her data, and as a whole, creating a collective assembly maintaining consistency throughout. 


Anima showcases the space as a center of our thoughts and memories, binding past and present, connecting people to their alternative lives, and giving them the opportunity to interact with their digital souls.

As we move onward, into the unknown, our digital souls will forever live on.


Lucy - Luc Besson (Movie - 2014) - Data, interaction capacity


Avatar - James Cameron (Movie - 2009) - Light, Connection, Character


Interstellar - Christopher Nolan (Movie - 2014) - Fifth dimension, Time, Information

Event: LLUM Barcelona 2020

Dates: 14-15-16 February 2020

Location: 22@ district, Poblenou, Barcelona


The Matrix - The Wachowskis (Movie - 1999) - Full environment

Conceptual Process

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 12.32.38

Conceptual Plan 

axonANIMA copy.jpg

Exploded Axonometry

Construction on Site

The Festival of Lights - LLUM BCN


Anima had the largest queues in the LLUM festival, with approximately 10 thousand visitors in the first two nights.

The installation is set to expand and feature in other festivals such as Mexico City's Visual Arts Week, Winter Festival in London, Nowhere Festival in Aragon and local Spanish Festivals.

Mention in Research 

In addition to the hands on take in this project, I proceeded to write my Master's Thesis on Temporary Lighting installations with Anima as the Case study.

Read Here:

Anima, a Temporary Lighting Installation


Under the direction of Toni Montes and Roger Paez

In Collaboration with, Maria de la Cámara and Gabriel Paré

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